HouseAfrica Solves The Problem of Housing Deficit in Africa Using Technology

Statistics currently show that Africa suffers about 200million housing deficit, with Nigeria alone bearing about 17million of that figure. An estimate shows that in the next 30years Africa’s population will be doubled reaching 2.4 billion, stretching the cities to beyond breaking point due to inadequate housing. This defines the immense and inevitable need for decent housing to balance the growing population and improve the standard of living.

In an effort to close that number, HouseAfrica is focused on providing affordable homes with flexible payment scheme targeted at the low and mid-income earners.

HouseAfrica stands to eliminate most of the complications in the policies relating to land make home ownership a very expensive affair that can take up a large slice of the actual house price. And also eliminate the high-interest rate on housing finance instruments given as loans.
Additionally, with the deployment of building technology like using reusable modular formwork and a lot more, the cost of houses can be made more affordable.

HouseAfrica has developed a smart structure that basically uses a crowdfunding strategy to accrue funds for the development of housing projects. This enables an investor to buy a small fraction of the area of a project and make returns when the property is sold or rented.

Unlike other conventional real estate companies, HouseAfica is a PropTech company that deploys state-of-the-art technology to creates a balance in both property investment and acquisition.

The platform uses blockchain technology to establish transaction transparency and also property tokenization as Proof Of Investment(POI).

HouseAfrica promises on delivering a fair deal to both investors, buyers, and tenants. And also goes as far as creating an avenue to those interested in earning from referring friends and family.

We are really excited about the opportunities presented, as you may no longer have to worry about financial buoyancy in order to invest in real estate or own a house. We are also motivated by the interest expressed so far by the general public.

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