The Rise and Need for Property Technology in Nigeria.

The need for property technology in Nigeria.

The rise and need for property technology in Nigeria.


Over the past ten years, various tech startups have been launched in Nigeria and in other African countries.

While these startups have mostly focused on solving problems across industries like e-commerce, fintech, health-tech, and more; sectors like real estate are yet to see too many innovations.The majority of real estate companies still depend on market agents and offline marketing efforts to generate leads and run ads.

Increasingly, entrepreneurs are looking beyond conventional sources of capital to get their businesses off the ground. As property prices continue to rise and property scams increases, it has become less affordable for average Nigerians to own their homes and take such risk in owning one only to lose their hard earned money in the process.

In order to solve this problem, PropertyTechnology startups need to leverage technology in innovative ways that will lower home ownership cost and property fraud drastically. One of the companies at the forefront of Property Technology in Nigeria is HouseAfrica.

With over 50 million Nigerians viewing properties online each year, there is no better time than now for innovators to introduce more efficient ways of being a part of the real estate industry. There is a great need for innovation in Nigeria’s real estate industry.

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