HouseAfrica: A home for all Africans

While the developed and developing worlds are finding solutions to agriculture, real estate and other advances in technology, the African continent is not left out as the booming population in Africa made it more severe to solve the challenges posed by lack of shelter.

Buying, selling and renting of properties in African seems to be the market of selected few. On the other hand, investors suffer low patronage due to unfavorable and exorbitant fees/prices. While in the major cities of Africa; there are lots of properties yet to be utilized, millions of African still have shelter issues. Imagine such as a mirage? Affordability is the significant constraint, especially to low-income earners. A close look of Africa shows that the growing population is depriving 200 million people access to decent and quality housing.

What Africa need is a revolution in its real estate sector, a sector that will care for the growing population, a wholly sustainable one for all African income earners; high, middle and low-income earners. A statistics of individual African countries are taken and its shown that a fast-growing one like Kenya for instance, has 2.4 million employed in 2016, 77,000 that is 3.1% of them earns above Ksh100,000. By import, it is evident that its only 3.1% of that population can afford the real estate properties available, hence, House Africa has the solution for all Africa to enjoy affordable yet a decent and quality shelter.

House Africa has a revolutionizing model needed to solve the real estate challenges as it banked on affordable housing, hope to use reinforced composite materials to create smart and affordable housing. The mission is straightforward; to develop intelligent, decentralized and affordable homes while giving its investors maximum security of funds through blockchain and their robust technology.

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