2 Real Estate Investment Wealth Creation Secrets for Nigeria’s Young Adults

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What do you know about real estate investment in Nigeria?


Lemme guess. 


It’s expensive and requires millions of naira saved somewhere to even dream about the thought of investing. 




Indeed, real estate investment in Nigeria requires lots of money if you’re starting from scratch. Before now, you must acquire land, survey it, mold thousands of blocks, hire engineers, etc.


And did I forget to add the time investment and other miscellaneous challenges involved in erecting a property? 


Furthermore, after all this stress, you still had to find tenants and maintain the property. No wonder some people have even regretted embarking on a building project. 


However, that depends on how you want to begin building your real estate portfolio. 


The question then is, do you have to wait until you save up millions of naira before you start investing in one of the world’s most-guaranteed means of building sustainable wealth? 


Again, that’ll be a huge mistake, and opportunity miss on your side. 


Hence, the answer is no. You can start securing your future through real estate investments with as little as N20k


Stay with me. 


Anyone, including young adult Nigerians like you, can also own properties and earn annual rents from real estate without having hundreds of thousands or millions saved up. 


In this article, we’ll squash the belief that real estate investment is reserved for the wealthy and affluent. 


Also, you’ll get hands-on exposure on how to start investing in real estate, collecting rent, and watching your investment grow, without even moving a muscle. 


2 Real Estate Investment Secrets for Nigeria’s Young Adults


1. The Wealth Creation Opportunities in Nigeria’s Real Estate Industry Can Accommodate You


 Firstly, I must state that nothing guarantees wealth creation more than delayed gratification. 


You can’t eat your cake and have it. 


If you hope to become wealthy, you must commit to it and be willing to make some sustained sacrifices.


That’s inevitable. 


However, where you’re faced with pertinent bills to take care of, there’s the likelihood you can’t embark on making significant sacrifices, such as building/acquiring a property. 


Man must wark, and I fully understand. 


But the opportunity currently in Nigeria’s real estate sector is so huge even the wealthy can’t swallow it all by themselves. 


Lemme let you in with some details about this opportunity. 


As of 2018, Nigeria’s population stood at about 200 million


The exciting thing about this vast population (around 1/6 of Africa’s entire population) is that our median age is 17.9 years


Now, let’s take a look at the housing deficit in the country (where the wealth creation opportunities abound). 


According to a report by The Nation, Nigeria has a housing deficit of 22 million units, meaning the country needs millions of new houses for her current citizens. 


That doesn’t include the young ones who’ll soon be seeking shelter over their heads and the tens of thousands of new babies born into the country daily. 


No wonder the Federal Mortgage Bank Of Nigeria estimated this housing deficit to grow yearly by 900 thousand units.


Hence, even if you’re in any way part of those who build those 22 million housing units today, you’re guaranteed there’ll never be a shortage of customers to fuel your wealth creation drive. 


The best investments are ones that remain in demand, grows in value yearly, while spinning predictable returns. 


Those are the benefits awaiting young Nigerian adults who make the decision to help solve the housing deficit epidemic in the country through real estate investment. 


In short, it’s a fun win-win situation for you: Join in solving the housing problems in your country, while accumulating wealth for yourself and securing your future. 


Don’t have millions to join this moving train? No worries. 


Well enough, you don’t even have to. 


2. You Don’t Need to Afford it Entirely, Think Shares & Collaboration


To give you some perspective, in monetary terms, Nigeria’s government would need up to N6 trillion annually ($16 billion) to solve the housing problem in this country. 


Our yearly budget sits at about $24 billion. 


Trust me, even your federal government couldn’t afford to build all those houses if it wanted to. 


So, why do you still feel you must afford a property’s entire construction cost before you start building your real estate investment portfolio?


Change your thoughts to join in taking advantage of this massive opportunity. 


The question then is, how can we collectively solve the housing deficit problem while creating wealth for ourselves, too?


Let me tell you a story.


Some hundred years ago, primitive Africans believed in a rare model that helped them live and survive.


This model cached in the phrase “UBUNTU,” which reflects an adorable African story.


Records show that an Anthropologist proposed a game to the African Tribal Children.


He placed a basket of sweets near a tree and made the children stand 100 meters away.


Then, he announced that whoever reaches first would get all the sweets in the basket.


When he said, “ready steady go!” The children did something rather interesting.


They held each other’s hands, ran together towards the tree, divided the sweets equally among themselves, ate the sweets, and enjoyed it.


When the Anthropologist asked them why they did so, they answered “Ubuntu.”


Which meant: “How can one be happy when others are sad?”


As the story goes, “Ubuntu” for the children interpreted as: “I am because we are.”


That same mindset is what the current housing deficit and billion-dollar real estate investment opportunity in Nigeria demands.


We must join hands, with as little as we can, solve this problem, and make ourselves wealthy. 


Hence, through collaboration, crowdfunding, and dividing the cost of a piece of real estate into shares, you can own part of it, become a co-landlord, and earn rental returns. 


Another question arises. 


How can we make that possible? 


Before now, it proved very difficult to achieve it due to numerous security and trust issues that needed to be addressed. 


However, with a real estate dedicated platform backed by Blockchain technology, those hurdles are well taken care of. 


Now, anyone, including you, can start building your real estate investment portfolio through technology-secured shared ownership. 


Download the FREE guide below to learn all about HouseAfrica and how they make it possible.

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